It All Started at Grandma's Kitchen Table

While growing up, my grandma’s house was my favorite place. Her kitchen table was where all the magic would happen. Grandma was good at everything. She taught me to cook and to play card games. I learned to crochet, paint ceramics, and a bit of sewing too. We would drink tea and eat gum drops while chatting away about whatever was important to me at the time. It was wonderful being with my grandma.

When I was 12, my family moved very far away. I rarely was able to go home to see her, and I missed her very much. I started to gravitate toward things that reminded me of home. I spent a lot of time crafting and making things to send to grandma. I would collect and read old cookbooks to feel close to her. I found Christmas ornaments that reminded me of the ones on her tree. And I especially like stuffed animals that made me feel safe and loved as she did.

After a while, my collection became too large, and it was time to let a few things go. I decided I would try to sell a couple of things and see what would happen. Then I sold a few, and I started receiving letters from buyers. They wanted to tell me how happy they were to find the item. It was a precious memory of their childhood that they had been looking for and finally found with me. I couldn’t believe it! I was astonished at how many people were looking for things that reminded them of someone special in their lives. These people were just like me.

Since then, “At Grandma’s Table” was born. Now I collect old things not only to remind me of my grandma but also to help others find the memories they have lost too. I still craft in my spare time, which is why you will find an eclectic mix of handmade items sprinkled throughout my store. Recently, I have discovered sticker and decal making. I’ve always loved stickers and had a “sticker collection” back in the 80s. So this new craft really suits me. It may seem odd to combine stickers and decals with old vintage items, but I love it!Grandma Verna Bachelder who inspired the start of "At Grandma's Table"

(This is Grandma when I last saw her. As always at the kitchen table. This time we were playing Spite & Malice our favorite card game.)